Six Week Summer Slim Down Challenge

Time Period:  June 5th- July 17th 

Cost: $75

Registration and payment must be complete by May 30.

Lori will begin the challenge with a consultation of initial measurements as well as a discussion about calorie intake and micronutrients from June 2- June 5.

WINNER:  The individual, from the CHALLENGE GROUP, who loses the largest % of weight, body fat and inches.


1st Place: One Year FREE at New Life Fitness

2nd Place: 6 Months FREE at New Life Fitness

3rd Place: 3 Months FREE at New Life Fitness

If you need extra HELP & ENCOURAGEMENT, you don't need to wait for another CHALLENGE.  We are here to HELP!  OUR members are losing weight and getting FIT!

Results from the Countdown to Summer Challenge from March 20th- May 1st:

              Average weight loss: 13 pounds

              Average numbers of inches lost:  18

             Average % of body fat lost: 7.4% 


Challenge Winner: Robert Fischer

"The challenge itself was great, it pushed me out of my maintenance phase (which I was complacent in for 8 months) to hit my long time goal of 199 pounds. I started a couple years ago at 360 pounds, so it was quite exciting for me.

"I liked how everyone was anonymous until the very end, and liked how I never knew how far/close I was to the other contestants... I feel if I would have known, I may have let up, but the unknown kept me going at 110%."