6 Week Challenges

  Accountability.  Extra Workouts.  Weekly Weigh ins.  

Throughout the year we offer 6 Week Challenges for those looking to decrease Body Fat %, Lose Weight and Inches.

Average Weight Loss:  11 pounds

Average Loss of  Body Fat:  6%

Average Amount of Inches Lost:  10 inches


Challenge Winner: Robert Fischer

"The challenge itself was great, it pushed me out of my maintenance phase (which I was complacent in for 8 months) to hit my long time goal of 199 pounds. I started a couple years ago at 360 pounds, so it was quite exciting for me.

"I liked how everyone was anonymous until the very end, and liked how I never knew how far/close I was to the other contestants... I feel if I would have known, I may have let up, but the unknown kept me going at 110%."