I have tried it all! Weight watchers, low carb, pills, you name it. Next stop was surgery but I checked out New Life and knew right away this was my place and it would be different. I came in wanting to just lose weight and now just 4 weeks later, my self confidence has risen, I am STRONGER than I thought I could be and have lost weight as well!
— Nicole
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We love this gym! It is perfect for my husband who has been faithfully lifting weights for years as well as for myself just getting reacquainted with the gym. The classes make my time in the gym fly quickly, increase my strength, and have helped me gain knowledge and confidence of the weight machines. My kids look forward to spending time in the New Life childcare. Lori is constantly on the lookout to make improvements, which keeps the gym inviting and up to date.
— Jenifer Dunivan
We have the best gym members and trainers! Susan’s expertise in fitness and nutrition have helped me understand why I need to eat in a certain way and how the body processes and stores food. Nancy is my biggest cheerleader. She doesn’t put up with my excuses, calls me out when I need it, and pushes me beyond my comfort zone. Susan is good at that too! I’ve made new friends in this challenge, lost some pounds and inches, and it’s been overall a great experience. I’m so fortunate to be a part of this community!
— Christine
Visiting the area and needed a local gym for a few days. Found everything I needed and some new things to try as well. Nancy was very welcoming and showed me around the equipment. Glad I found such a good place to get a few workouts in.
— Trevor