Our Personal Trainers are experienced to help individuals in every season of life.  From weight loss, strength and conditioning, injury rehab or ongoing fitness, we have Personal Trainers to help meet every need.

 Personal Training


  $30 for 30 minute sessions

$60 for 60 minutes sessions

Be Challenged and Encouraged at New Life Fitness.



Lynn Ballay

Lynn's background as a labor & delivery nurse is evident with her knowledge of the human body and her desire to help New Life Members get FIT.  Lynn works with clients  from all seasons of life and every fitness level.  


Shannon Dobyns

Shannon is certified in numerous training methods. He works with a wide variety of clients, from those just starting on a fitness journey to professional athletes. He is always challenging his clients to meet and EXCEED their fitness goals. Shannon makes personal connections with each of his clients. He has become far more than a trainer to most of his clients, he has become their FRIEND.

Tricia Price

Tricia is a NASM certified personal trainer, wife, and mother of 3, who is passionate about health and fitness. Tricia specializes in weight training as well as functional exercise. Tricia offers challenging workouts personalized for each individual client with encouraging words along the way. 

Melanie Kaplan

Melanie Kaplan is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Certified Group Fitness Instructor. She has earned several styles of teaching certifications to give her clients a well round variety of exercises.  Melanie  participates in triathlons, marathons and local races on a regular basis.  

"I am blessed that I get to do something I truly love.  It is my passion to help others achieve their goals through fitness and the right nutrition.  To see smiles on their faces when a goal is reached is worth it all."

Cameron Stiles

Cameron Stiles is a Certified personal trainer.  Cameron specializes in strength and conditioning.